" A kind of gathering of street geniuses . The Acoustic Blue Ramblers is a great act , worth twice the price of admission " -  Berkeley Journal of the Arts & Imagination "

" Classic ! "- Cliff Rawnsley , Owner Sunflower Recording , Hollywood , Fl .

In 2016 Durango's World Beat song "Another Gandhi", featured in the Video ,  won "Best Song" from the prestigious Akademia in L.A., who wrote "Sometimes funky, sometimes tribal - and constantly original - 'Another Gandhi' has an important new message of peace for the world to heed "

Durango has performed at the Cleveland Public Theater , the Cubby Bear in Chicago , the Nuyorican Poet's Cafe in NYC , the High Noon Saloon in Madison , Mercury Theater in Denver , and many other venues across the Nation .  He also hosts the popular Radio show " Durango's Roadhouse " on CoEvolution Radio . . Durango is also the author of several books of poetry and has been published in Bombay Gin, Cafe Review, New Blood, NEXUS and other magazines.  The late poet Allen Ginsberg wrote the liner notes for his book " King Death & other poems " calling the book " a breakthru full of exhuberant improvisation " .

Durango McMurphy

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